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Request for Removal of a Sealed Document

If there is a court order sealing a specific document that appears on, please submit the removal request as described below with a conformed copy of the order to seal attached thereto.  Once the request and the order are submitted, one of our staff attorneys will consider and process your request.  If the order to seal is determined to be authentic and applicable to the specific document that appears on, we will remove/delete that specific document from our servers.1

Important: Once a document is deleted from our servers, we have no control over how long it would take for the link(s) to the document(s) to come out of the search engines.  A visitor who clicks on the link to a deleted document will be redirected to our main website.


Submit your request for removal via email to lexrolldotcom (at)

Please use the following language as the subject of your email “Request for Removal of Sealed Document” and include the following informaiton in your email:

  1. Your Full Name (Required)
  2. URL/Link to the Page You Are Requesting to be Removed (Required);
  3. Copy of the Court Order Sealing Document (Requests submitted without an order attached will not be processed); and
  4. Additonal Comments and Informaiton.



1. The staff attorney assigned to process your request will confirm the entry of the order to seal provided to us with the court.? Please do NOT attempt to forge court orders; it is a crime to do so.