Case Removal Request

General Principles

Before submitting a request for a case to be removed from our database, please keep the following general principles in mind:

1. is a database of court opinions and orders.  While other legal research databases charge thousands in membership fees to access such legal databases,’s goal is to “free the law of the land” and make it readily accessible to the public.

2. The orders and opinions that you see on constitute public court records. Unless there is a court order sealing a specific document in the case file, that document remains part of the court’s public record freely accessible to the public.

3. If private information is revealed in any documents filed with or by the court as part of the public court record, that information becomes and remains public unless and until the court orders that the document be sealed.

4. Certain opinions/orders get designated as “Unpublished”, “Not for Publication”, “Not to be Published in the Official Reports”, etc. Such designations simply mean that the opinion/order so designated cannot be cited or relied upon as precedent in subsequent cases.  Such designation does not mean that the opinion/order has been sealed or that contents of the opinion/order are protected or private information.

Removal Request With An Order To Seal

If there is a court order entered sealing the document you are requesting to remove from its serves, click here.

Removal Request Without An Order To Seal

If there is no court order entered sealing the document you are requesting to remove, click here.