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Removal Request Without An Order To Seal

If no court order has been entered sealing a specific document that appears on, you can submit a request for removal of that document with the following two-step process:

  1. Payment of a one-time, nonrefundable processing fee of $49.99; and
  2. Submission of a Request for Removal (see below).

Important:  Removal is not guaranteed.’s goal is to free the law of the land and to make court public records free and readily accessible to the public.  This also involves making these records easily locatable through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.

With the foregoing in mind, a request for removal of a public court record will result in one of the following outcomes:

  • Deletion of the document from’s servers.  If the court document carries very little precedential value and contains substantial information of private nature, our staff attorney assiged to your request will delete the document from’s servers.   However, note that we have no control over how long it will take for the link(s) to the document(s) we delete to come out of the search engines.  A visitor who clicks on the link to a deleted document will be redirected to our main website.
  • Blocking of search engine crawlers from accessing the document.  If the court document carries little to moderate precedential value but contains no informaiton of private nature, our staff attorney assigned to your request will block that document from appearing in search engine results using the robots.txt protocol. This means that when a person searches for that document using a search engine such as Google, that page from should not show up in the search results.  However, note that if the page already appears in the search results, it will take some time for the search engine to deindex the page from its database.  Once the robots.txt protocol has been applied to a link from our database, we have no control whatsoever over how long it will take for the link(s) to the document(s) to come out of the search engines.
  • No Action (Rejection of Removal Request).  If the court document carries substantail precedential value (e.g., it appears in an official court reports), our staff attorney will reject the request for removal. will process the request for removal within 5 business days.  You will be informed of the outcome via email.

Step No. 1:  Processing Fee

We are compelled to charge this processing fee to curb the number of frivolous removal requests we receive on a daily basis and to compensate for the attorney time required to consider and process such requests.

The nonrefundable processing fee of $49.99 will be processed through PayPal.  After payment is processed, you will be redirected to this page to complete Step No. 2 below.

Step No. 2: Request Submission

Submit your request for removal via email to lexrolldotcom (at)

Please use the following language as the subject of your email “Request for Removal Without Court Order to Seal” and include the following informaiton in your email:

  1. Your Full Name (Required)
  2. URL/Link to the Page You Are Requesting to be Removed (Required);
  3. Confirmation of Payment of Precessing Fee (Required); and
  4. Reasons Why the Case Should Be Removed.