BEISSELL v. SHOLL, 4 U.S. 211 (1800)

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4 U.S. 211 (1800)
U.S. Supreme Court

Beissell ?v.?Sholl. 1

Wagoner v.?Same.

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

March Term, 1800

CASE, for diverting a water course. The COURT left the facts to the jury, under this general statement of the law: ‘That every man, in this country, has an unquestionable right, to erect a mill upon his own land; and to use the water, passing through his land, as he pleases: subject only to this limitation, that his mill must not be so constructed and employed, as to injure his neighbour’s mill; and that, after using the water, he returns the stream to its ancient channel.’


1. Tried in the Circuit Court, Northampton county, June 1800, before SHIPPEN, C. J. and YEATES, J.[ Beissell v. Sholl?U.S. 211 (1800) ]