356 U.S. 257

356 U.S. 257

356 U.S. 257

78 S.Ct. 715

2 L.Ed.2d 757

UNITED STATES of America, petitioner,
Dave DIAMOND, also known as David Dumanus, David Thornson, and Abe Slater, and Freeda, Diamond, also known as Frieda Diamond and Florence Slater.

No. 771.

Supreme Court of the United States

April 7, 1958

Solicitor General Rankin, Acting Assistant Attorney General McLean, Beatrice Rosenberg and Mr. J. F. Bishop, for the United States.

Mr. Robert L. Brock, for respondent David Diamond.

On petition for writ of certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.



The petition for writ of certiorari is granted and the judgment is affirmed.