356 U.S. 22

356 U.S. 22

356 U.S. 22

78 S.Ct. 560

2 L.Ed.2d 578

ZIVNOSTENSKA BANKA, NATIONAL CORPORATION, also known as Zivnostenska Bank, National Corporation, formerly Zivnostenska Banka or Zivnostenska Bank, appellant,
John A. STEPHEN, formerly known as Hans Augstein, and Otto Augstein.

No. 717.

Supreme Court of the United States

March 10, 1958

Mr. Lemuel Skidmore, for appellant.

Mr. Sigmund Timberg, for appellees.



The motion for leave to file brief of Frank Petschek et al., as amici curiae, is granted. The motion to dismiss is granted and the appeal is dismissed for want of a substantial federal question.